Prestashop Username/Password Reset Tool

You forgot your Prestashop admin password and You cannot use “I forgot my password” because you don’t have access to the email provided or the server will not send the emails?

The Long, manual method

The solution is to fiddle with the MySQL database, desirably thorough phpMyAdmin. Steps:

  1. Edit the configuration file with some editor (Notepad, Gedit, Vi, Nano, Notepad++, it does not matter)
  2. Copy somewhere value after ‘_COOKIE_KEY_’
  3. Select the database your Prestashop installation uses in phpMyAdmin (stated under ‘_DB_NAME_’ in file)
  4. Go to the table named ps_employee
  5. Click on edit
  6. Choose MD5 on the passwd line
  7. Paste the value after the ‘_COOKIE_KEY_’ we copied
  8. At the end of the copied text enter the password you desire.

Now this might not work, most probably because the passwd field is varchar(32) i.e. it is too small for the key.

In this case you first need to enter the SQL code in order to change the type in the form:

ALTER TABLE ps_employee MODIFY passwd VARCHAR(64);

Quick method – automatic script

Now this is just a pain to do! Won’t we like the script that would just do all this for us? Here it is, just download the zip file, extract it on your server, and visit the php page.

Download tool there: Prestashop Password Reset Tool!

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