Features & Editions

As there are many different netbooks and many users, many editions of Leeenux are created!

Light and Fast. Works on x86 CPUs. 2G – less than 2GB when installed, for Asus eee 2G. 4G – less than 3GB when installed, for Asus eee 4G (701). LXDE – light and fast, for all PCs and netbooks.
Eyecandy and Rich in Features while being Light and Fast XFCE Lite – Only 3.8GB when installed, XFCE – Our Deluxe edition, with everything you might need. With Adobe Flash adobe flash, Wine, skype, Games and many more apps.
Leeenux Kids
Leeenux Kids is edition of Leeenux Linux made for children. It is meant to be fun and educational. If you have old PC or netbook lying unused, it can be turned to great educational toy, your child’s first PC.
Do You like Apple MAC, elegancy with simplicity? Would you want to have MAC OS X without buying an overpriced Apple computer?
Edition 2G 4G LXDE XFCE Lite XFCE
Installed Size 1.8GB 2.1GB 3.8GB 3.7GB 5.8GB
Default Browser Midori Firefox Firefox Firefox Firefox
Skype/Wine No/No No/No Yes/Yes No/No Yes/Yes
Flash/Games  No/No Yes/Yes Yes/Yes Yes/Yes Yes/Yes
User Comment: "After using the default Xandros OS for quite a while, I finally took a plunge to try another OS. I first tried Ubuntu, and finally settled on a Ubuntu-variant called Leeenux. It has given a new lease of life to the Eee PC."

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