Leeenux 2020 + Leeenux Linux v10 + Live Linux Games + Leeenux for Kids + MACLeeenux X = $9

  • Download links will appear right after purchase and You will also
    receive them to your email.
  • Leeenux Linux 2020 is supported until April 2023. Leeenux Linux v10 comes with support until April 2021.
  • For more information than that is displayed on this page click HERE.
  • Leeenux Linux works on ANY PC including ones
    with CPUs that do not support PAE like Celeron M and Pentium M (example
    Asus eee 2G, 4G…).


For instructions on how to install Leeenux Linux click HERE. Use UNetBootIn to move ISO files to USB Flash disk. Localization is possible only for 2020 versions, so please install v10 with English, and change settings to your preferred language later.