Netbook CPU benchmark

The data is from netbookcheck website. Some of the data is clearly not accurate, like TDP for some CPUs and the rank of the last four CPUs, which is clearly better than Celeron 353, which should be on the bottom of the list. For many of the CPUs there is no benchmark data, and they are approximately given rank.

RankModelL2 + L3 CacheTDP (Watt)MHzCores64 Bit3DMark06 CPUCinebench R10 32Bit
wPrime 32x264
1Intel Atom x7-Z87002MBNA16004Yes
2Intel Atom Z37952MBNA15904Yes2145.521227227.16242.142
3Intel Atom Z37852MBNA14904Yes
4Intel Atom Z37752MBNA14604Yes1126224.247
5Intel Atom Z3775D2MBNA14904Yes
6Intel Atom Z37702MBNA14604Yes221221189526.55440.493
7Intel Atom Z3770D2MBNA15004Yes
8Intel Atom x5-Z85002MBNA14404Yes
9Intel Atom E38452MB1019104Yes
10Intel Atom Z35802MBNA23304Yes
11Intel Atom Z3736F2MBNA13304Yes96237.8635.6
12Intel Atom Z3736G2MBNA13304Yes
13Intel Atom x5-Z83002MBNA14404Yes
14Intel Atom Z37452MBNA13304Yes9413
15Intel Atom Z3745D2MBNA13304Yes97238.09
16Intel Atom Z37402MBNA13304Yes18383963529
17Intel Atom Z3740D2MBNA13304Yes1827963431.9231.85
18Intel Atom Z3735D2MBNA13304Yes95837.1635.1
19Intel Atom Z3735E2MBNA13304Yes
20Intel Atom Z3735F2MBNA13304Yes856947736.8935.9
21Intel Atom Z3735G2MBNA13304Yes1526946737.5331.8
22Intel Atom Z36801MBNA13302Yes
23Intel Atom Z3680D1MBNA13302Yes
24Intel Celeron 877512KB + 2MB1714002Yes
25Intel Atom Z35702MBNA20004Yes
26Intel Atom Z35602MBNA18304Yes
27Intel Atom Z34801MBNA21332Yes
28Intel Atom x3-C3440NA14004Yes
29Intel Atom Z35302MBNA13304Yes
30Intel Atom D27001MB1021302Yes1148
31Intel Celeron M U3400512KB + 2MB1810602Yes988120562.2
32Intel Atom x3-C3230RKNA12004Yes
33AMD E-4501MB1816502Yes1034.581062.5864.5416.17
34Intel Atom E38271MB817502Yes
35Intel Atom N28501MB620002Yes
36Intel Atom Z34601MBNA16002Yes
37AMD Athlon II Neo K1251MB1217001Yes73531491390.723
38Intel Atom D25601MB1020002Yes
39Intel Atom D25501MB1018662Yes
40Intel Atom N28001MB618602Yes96564854.319.7
41Intel Atom E38261MB714602Yes
42Intel Atom Z27601MB218002Yes9459601.51258.13717.752
43Intel Atom D5251MB1818002Yes8912609.5255.252
44Intel Atom N26501MB317332Yes
45Intel Atom E38251MB613302Yes
46Intel Atom E38051MB313302Yes
47Intel Atom N5701MB916602Yes7382565.5459
48Intel Atom N26001MB416002Yes81225413669.8
49Intel Atom 3301MB816002Yes824.525423116.472
50Intel Atom N5501MB915002Yes74211516.51266.7811
51Intel Atom D25001MB1018662Yes
52Intel Celeron M 7431MB1013001Yes581.5213243121.81
53Intel Atom Z25801MB313002Yes
54AMD V-Series V105512KB912001Yes1027.52128
55AMD C-601MB910002Yes7534767.5486.152
56Intel Atom Z25601MB39332Yes
57AMD C-501MB910002Yes635.586619111.217
58Intel Atom Z560512KB321301No
59Intel Atom Z550512KB220001No657101.5
60Intel Atom x3-C3130NA10002Yes
61Intel Atom Z2480512KBNA20001Yes
62Intel Atom E3815512KB514601Yes
63Intel Atom N475512KB718601Yes544594.52104.92
64Intel Atom N470512KB718601Yes537.526003106.72
65Intel Atom Z540512KB218301No3695682105.42
66Intel Atom N455512KB716601Yes49035643119.52
67Intel Atom N450512KB616601Yes4945601911715
68Intel Atom N280512KB316601No5075677115.022
69Intel Atom 230512KB416001Yes557
70Intel Atom Z530512KB216001No458.55375123.053
71Intel Atom N270512KB316001No483541291265
72Intel Atom Z670512KB315001No4973151
73Intel Atom Z2460512KB413001No
74Intel Atom N435512KB513331Yes
75Intel Atom Z520512KB213331No3914496146.283
76Intel Celeron M 353512KB59001No423
77Intel Atom Z2420512KBNA12001Yes
78Intel Atom Z510512KB211001No
79Intel Atom Z2000512KBNA10001No
80Intel Atom Z500512KB18001No115

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