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Woofer and Subwoofer Test

Here is the online test for Your speakers. In this post only for Woofer and Subwoofer, the test from 10Hz to 300Hz. 10-19Hz 20-29Hz 30-39Hz 40-49Hz 50-59Hz 60-69Hz 70-79Hz 80-89Hz 90-99Hz 100-109Hz 110-119Hz 120-129Hz 130-139Hz 140-149Hz 150-159Hz 160-169Hz 170-179Hz 180-189Hz 190-199Hz 200-209Hz 210-219Hz 220-229Hz 230-239Hz 240-249Hz 250-259Hz 260-269Hz 270-279Hz 280-289Hz 290-299Hz You can plot your ….  Read More

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Which Brands should we buy?

After so many bought gadgets, computers, cameras and technical stuff in general, I came into conclusion about the built quality of the brands. I have also work on maintaining various systems and I am in touch with hardware repairman, who have passed their experiences with various brands. The results are quite unfortunate for the buyers, ….  Read More

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Useful Linux Commands

Processes Detailed processes: ps aux Kill process: kill [PID] Users and Groups Shows users: less /etc/passwd Creates user with password: useradd [NAME] -p [PASSWORD] Changes password: passwd [USER] Lock account: passwd -l [USER] Unock account: passwd -u [USER] Changes name of account: usermod -l [NEWNAME] [USERNAME] Shows groups: less /etc/group Creates group: groupadd [NAME] Deletes ….  Read More

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Support emails

Intro With Leeenux Linux comes unlimited support through email. Here is the database of some of the support letters and our responses. v10 Installation Support for v10 4G (in Serbian) Q:I have a problem with install the os in asus eee pc 4g, I try it with v8 lxde 2g. when it arrives near the end ….  Read More

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Set desired CPU frequency

There seams to be a problem with some eee’s and the latest kernel that Ubuntu implements, thus it is inherited by the latest Leeenux. Newer machines do not seam to be affected by this. Tested on eee 4G, the problem is that the CPU frequency cannot be set manually, and since this is the old ….  Read More

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Firefox Magnet links don’t work

You might click on magnet link in Firefox and get: “Firefox can’t find the file at magnet:?xt=urn:btih:aa4b9b…”. Resolution: Locate file mimeTypes.rdf, it should be in c:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\something.default\. Open it with some text editor, whichever you use. Find the line that contains “magnet”. For deluge it should look like this, for other Torrent clients replace with appropriate ….  Read More